TAMK student bands are participating in the EXCITE Project

Three music bands from TAMK have been nominated to participate in the EXCITE Project.

Loud Lights, Rawbeena and F.U.N.C. are the three bands eligible to participate in the EXCITE Project representing Finland. These three bands have been formed by students of Media and Arts program.

The Excite project is a collaboration between nine organizations from nine different European countries that exchange young musical talent across European borders. The participating organizations are all about supporting young upcoming bands, and with Excite, they want to give bands their first European touring experience. This is achieved by working together with a selection of festivals from the participating countries. In that manner, 20 playing opportunities for 12 bands across 9 countries are created, providing the selected bands with an invaluable networking opportunity and a chance to gain experience.

TAMK (Media and Arts program) and Lost In Music festival are cooperating in Finland to provide a perfect base for exchanging, supporting and educating young talent (both artists and producers) participating in Excite.

Text: Carlos Portilla, 2017

Rawbeena: Frej Blomqvist 
Loud Lights: Arttu Laurila
F.U.N.C.: Photo - Andres Fouche / Graphic design - Tauno Sillanpää
Text edits: CF

Loud Lights

Loud Lights