Installation for "Say YES to organ donation" campaign

The second year of the fine art study path has kicked off with the 'Working in a co-operative' course which gives the students the chance to work directly for clients through different commissions and projects. During the first lesson of the course a few of us decided to take on a project commissioned by the Finnish liver and kidney foundation. The idea is to make an interactive art installation in the centre of Tampere using a hundred T-shirts designed by one of the best known Finnish fashion labels IvanaHelsinki. 

Being aware of the tight schedule, we started brainstorming immediately and came up with a plenty of ambitious ideas. Taking into account the designated location and the short running time of the installation we had to let go of some of the more complex ideas and stay as realistic as possible. We were lucky enough to receive some scrap wood and other leftover materials from our university, which also made staying on budget much easier. Through trial and error on long working days, the installation started coming together and will be up and running in Koskipuisto in Tampere at 13:00 on Thursday 6th October.


Reflecting the meaning of organ donation, our group decided to use light to symbolise the importance of the act of donating. When a person signs the organ donor card they will get a campaign T-shirt in return - the installation emphasises the simple beauty of giving and caring for other people and is a reminder of how we're all under the same roof. 

You can also read the stories of a few Finnish celebrities supporting the campaign or download the organ donor card here.

Text and photos: Anna-Elina Lahti
Event flyer design: IvanaHelsinki