International Week: Free to Play workshop

Games as a Service: Free to Play workshop
by Simon Rozner (Rovio) and Howell Istance (TAMK, UTA)

The workshop kicked off with a very informative session of the basics and highlights of free to play mobile games. 

Simply finding a correct and precise definition for this type of game helped us redefine what the game should aim for.
As with most products, knowledge of your customer is key to building a service that is aimed to particular needs and limitations. Free to play games require developers to truly understand who they are designing for. 

After learning about the important elements, we dove into exercises which helped us improve our chosen game (in our case, a game we are building for a Museum). We developed extra elements and incorporated them into our game to add a little extra to it. I believe our game has became much more with all the extra elements that we have added thanks to this workshop.

All in all, I have enjoyed the workshop and believe the information given to us has been quite valuable and I look forward to other workshops like this.
Text: Barbara Leal-Juopperi
Photos: Carita Forsgren