INTAC’s exhibition in Berlin

For one week most of our class travelled to Berlin for fun...

...But also to create an amazing exhibition with our fellow INTAC classmates! 

Walter from Berliner Technischer Kunstschule had provided us with a great space in Kreuzberg in the Bethanian. 

Juuso Kuivila
For three days before the opening everyone worked together to organize the placings and set everything up. Unfortunately everyone wasn’t able to make it, but we found enough space and volunteers for all the works to be put up. It was such an experience to fill the empty white rooms with our art pieces and see the atmosphere progress. 
Juuso Kuivila

Juuso Kuivila

Juuso Kuivila

Everyone was full of anticipation on the opening night. It was so exciting to see the gallery gradually fill up and realize what a success our event had become. Here is a video so you get a glimpse of the evening:

Our exhibition stayed there for the rest of the week and we took turns being hosts….until Monday came and it was time to empty the place. Mikael Seidler took a time lapse of the de-installing of the works in each room. Here is a video from one of them:

This project with Intac was all about challenges, bonding, inspirations and establishing ourselves as artists. I am looking forward to continuing with this course and seeing all the creations that will come out of it!

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Text by Alexandra Mitiku