Entrance exams practicalities

Dear applicants, as you very well know, the entrance exams are approaching, and here you'll find some useful info that will help you having a smoother experience during these already tense days.


Take buses 8 or 17 from rautatieasema or keskustori, and stop in Mediapolis. Buses go quite frequently, and if you need to check the timetable you can use TKL's Journey Planner

Once you are at the bus stop, go on your right, where the Mediapolis sign is visible

Just follow that road until the end

Then, you'll find Mediapolises main entrance on your left

You'll find the registration desk in our main lobby

And after you have been registering, you will hear a welcome speech from our Head of Studies, Timo Kivikangas, in our orange lobby, which will also be an info point throughout the whole exam.
More infos about the exams will be given directly to each applicant once you are here; but if you are in need remember that the tutors are there to help you(they'll wear a TAMK t-shirt, so they'll be easily recognizable)


Our cafeteria will be open from 11 to 14. Please note, if you don't have a student card already the lunch will be 6.50 euros, while with the student card  you'll pay 2.60 euros.
However, we also have microwaves and kettles in the second floor, so you can also warm up your food there, if you so wish.
Note that Mediapolis is located in Tohloppi, and there are no restaurants or supermarkets around; there is a valintatalo supermarket in Epilä but you'll need to walk 15-20 minutes to get there.
We have a kiosk which is open until 15.00, so if you have to be here longer than that consider bringing some snacks with you.

We all know how stressing and tense those days can be, but just be creative and give all your efforts and everything will be fine.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL and see you next week!