Created by Iina Kuula, Yulia Pak, Oona Seppänen and Sindy Giraldo (Tamk)
Being interested in Motion graphics and Music video production, we decided to create a project that would allow us to work with special effects, including “Trapcode Suite”, a set of Plug-ins for After Effects that can create really interesting graphics and which is used in Tv and in many movies such as Sin City, Angels and demons, Spiderman 3 and more.
We thought it would be a great opportunity to learn this plug-in and develop our basic knowledge in After Effects.
The project started on November 2013 by Iina Kuula, Yulia Pak, Oona Seppänen and Sindy Giraldo.
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The first step was to find an artist that would be interested to get a free music video. We set up a Facebook page where we gave the possibility for interested artists to submit their songs. In the end we got about 40 songs, from which we chose a german artist called “Vivant”.
After getting the song, we started to brainstorm and work on the concept, having online meetings with the artist and manager and scheduling the process.
After having a basic idea of the concept, we decided to search for a dancer, make up artist and fashion designer. We got an amazing help from Alessandra Bernard (13Media) being the dancer and helping us with make-up and hair. The dress was designed by Tara Kari who created it in really short time.
All shootings were filmed in 3-4 days in our schools studio using green screen background to allow us to work better in post production with the special effects. Setting the light was one of the main things to get the best result for keying. We got inspiration by Akira Seppänen’s lighting technique.
The next steps were the hardest ones.

We spent days selecting the right clips and we started to learn the best ways of keying and cutting. Next step was to share the script between us four and work on montage, compositing  and Trapcode. It was really challenging to learn trapcode in such a short timeline but all of us ended up doing great things with it.
Unfortunately we had only one computer that had Trapcode plug-in installed. So we spent around 1 and half week sleeping in school´s basement, taking shifts to use Trapcode computer and work.  It was pretty intense and problems came up really easily, but we managed to make it work.
After having all the clips rendered, putting them together and color correcting them was the next step.
The final product was delivered in the end of August and it was a relief to get positive feedback from the artist and manager.

The project took around 10 months to complete. We are pretty satisfied with the result but overall we are glad to have learned so much and to be able to say :”we have done a music video bi***es” .
We hope to have the opportunity to work on some other music video one day.
Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 6.33.08 PM.png
We used mostly Trapcode Mir, Particular, Form, SoundKey and Lux.
Mir creates geometrical shapes as in our first scene particles, snake, kaleidoscope and net part.

Particular creates groups of particles and we used them in snake scene and projection.
Form is able to follow a 3d shape and work on his surface creating particles and more. We used it in wall part, projection, kaleidoscope.
Soundkey is used to make whatever shape react to music.

Lux is a simulator of light that gives so much more options then default lights in After effects.

The whole project ended around August 2014 and released today 12.09.2014


Music: Vivant - Find yourself
Production crew: Yulia Pak, Oona seppänen, Iina Kuula & Sindy Giraldo
Model and dancer: Alessandra Bernard
Costume designer : Tara Kari
Producer: Tamk

Adobe After effects + Trapcode + Keylight 1.2
Adobe Speedgrade
Adobe Premiere