One, two and one, two, tree, four... ONNELLINEN PERHE! (A Happy Family)

Nervous? Not at all!

The new first-year students of Tamk Art and Media have started their studies this week.

The teachers sing with their rhubarbers

Traditionally, the teachers of Fine Arts and Film and Television studies perform a song at the beginning of the new fall semester. This year's song was "Onnellinen Perhe" (A Happy Family) by the band Ne Luumäet. The teachers were equipped with rhubarbs and enforced with a ukulele and a drum.

The tutors listen to the teachers singing

After the opening, the tutor students took the newcomers under their wings and started to lead them to the wondeful and confusing world of the Finlayson campus. A lot of things have to be absorbed, but luckily, the tutors will be there to help the new students now and along the coming year.


The Degree Programme of Media students arrived a bit earlier, and had their introduction session in the Ada classroom of the fifth floor.

Off we go

- Jonna Rautala / Carita Forsgren 2013 -