MindTrekking in October

MindTrek is the biggest annual Nordic digital media event and award. MindTrek has also been one of the biggest efforts of the School of Art and Media since 1997, when the first Tampere Multimedia Festival and Award were arranged.

MindTrek has three main activities:

  • The MindTrek Conference, which this year takes place at hotel Rosendahl in Tampere October 7-9. The conference is an international professional event with some 100 speakers in several simultanious programme streams. The conference language is English.
  • MindTrek Awards for most creative interactive applications in several contests. In general products made in Finland are eligible, but the Nokia Ubimedia Award is open to entries world wide.
  • MindTrek Public Events, almost twenty happenings for citizens of Tampere Region conducted in Finnish.
TAMK University of Applied Sciences is one of the MindTrek founders, and especially students and staff members of the School of Art and Media have been active participants and organisers of the different activities.

This year TAMK bears the main responsibility of the implementation of MindTrek Awards.

MindTrek is arranged by the four universities in Tampere in cooperation with a number of companies, like Nokia. The main sponsor of MindTrek is the City of Tampere.

The MindTrek Conference has been and is very international. This year there will be participants all the way from Australia. Naturally all the students of the international Interactive Media Programme (IMP) at the School of Art and Media will participate in the MindTrek Conference.

MindTrek Online

Picture: Vice President of MindTrek Association Irina Blomqvist, former student at the School of Art and Media, adressed the audience of the MindTrek Awards Gala 2008.Photographer: Kai Ansio